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Top 5 Natural Wood Siding Types


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If you are trying for a classic look on your building natural wood siding is a wonderful way to go. Certain types of wood can be easier to maintain, staining or painting helps to protect the wood. Other types of wood can just gray and will look fabulous for years to come. Here is a list of the top 5 natural wood siding types that The Carriage Shed offers.


Natural Board & Batten Siding

Board & Batten

A siding that can come in either white pine or cedar, and is a vertical natural wood siding. It is 1×10 white pine or cedar boards that are square cut with a 1 ½” batten strip that lays over the square edge of the 1×10 boards. The advantage to this type of siding is that the batten will hide any gaps between the boards that may develop from natural shrinking due to the weather. The Board & Batten buildings that we offer come standard unfinished and over time will give your building a natural gray color. You can paint or stain these buildings as well.

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Natural Cedar Shake Siding

Cedar Shake Siding

A natural red or white cedar siding that are hand split or machine cut individual pieces, they are put on a house much like shingles on a roof. They last a long time and you can paint, stain or just leave them natural to gray overtime. They are generally 5” or 6” to the weather, meaning that the shake might be 18” but only 5” or 6” showing. Cedar siding is great against bugs and weather. Ceder wood is known for its longevity.

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Natural Log Siding

Log Siding

 A natural white pine or red cedar horizontal siding – 2×6 or 2×8 tongue & groove (tongue & groove refers to a way to join pieces of wood together to make a flat surface). The boards are shaped like logs, giving you the rustic feel of a log cabin without having to worry about gaps between logs. Usually is it stained to protect the wood, but can be left natural which overtime will gray.


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Natural Clapboard Siding

Clapboard Siding

A horizontal natural wood siding that an come in pine, hemlock, spruce & cedar. The clapboards are placed by overlapping the boards, typically 4” to the weather. Clapboard siding is a very classic look. You may see buildings that has both clapboard and shake siding. The clapboards can be painted or stained.



Natural Shiplap Siding

Shiplap Siding

A horizontal & vertical natural wood siding. It has a rabbet (a groove cut into the edge of a piece of wood) on opposite sides of each end. This allows the boards to overlap in these areas creating a flat surface on the outside of the building. It can come in a variety of different widths.





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