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Timber Frame VS. Post and Beam

Timber Frame Accents

Are you looking to build a beautiful barn? Do you want a rare and majestic look that is sturdy and aesthetically pleasing? Then a Timber Frame structure might be just the thing for you! We offer Timber Frame construction and accents on anything from our sheds to our barns.

You may have heard the term Post & Beam thrown around as well as Timber Frame. What you may not know is that those two are actually different framing styles!

So – what is the difference between Timber Frame VS. Post and Beam?

Post & Beam

Post & Beam structures are built with vertical wooden beam posts and horizontal beams that are secured with metal plates & screws.

Timber Frame a.k.a. Mortise & Tenon Joinery

The method of timber framing also uses large wooden posts & beams; however – how they are connected is the critical difference.

Timber Frame VS. Post and Beam

Timber Frame VS. Post and Beam

A true timber frame structure uses special, carved-out wood-to-wood connections called joinery to connect timbers together. When it comes to timber frame construction, mortise and tenon joinery brings everything together—both aesthetically and structurally. In timber-frame constructions, when connections are authentic and traditional in nature, oak pegs are used to secure the connections. There are no metal plates & screws involved like there is in Post and Beam construction. Often the frame is left exposed, adding a natural beauty to the look of the house; in some cases, the frame is hidden behind walls.

Often now-a-days the two terms are used interchangeably – even we at the Carriage Shed are guilty of that! But here at our company we offer true Timber Frame structures using mortise and tenon connections. We also offer the look of Timber Frame without the cost of constructing the whole structure as timber frame by offering accents.

Why Choose Timber Frame?

Timeless Strength

  • This construction has been around for a long time. The technique was born out of necessity due to a lack of the many types of metal fasteners that are used in construction today.
  • Timber frame construction uses interlocking joints to achieve superior strength and structural stability. The joints must be milled with precision to achieve a tight fit.

Beautiful Aesthetic

  • The exposed beams and lack of metal brackets creates a stunning rustic and elegant look at the same time. It shows true craftsmanship.

Environmentally Attractive

  • Recyclable materials combined with sustainable construction provides peace of mind that you are doing your part. 

Work with us to find out the perfect Timber Frame structure for you! Contact us here!

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When looking for a home there are always a few things that you want to keep in mind. The Carriage Shed offers seven different Certified Modular Home styles in a variety of sizes, and floor plans that can be customized to meet your needs. There are so many choices that it can be difficult to narrow them down to figure out what would be the perfect match for you. Here are a few things to think about to help you decide on the perfect Certified Modular Home for you.

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Garden Bridges

Putting in a garden bridge is a wonderful way to not only add functionality to your space but also add elegance and class. Our bridges are Amish made in Lancaster County, PA and are made with #1 Grade Materials. They can come in either vinyl or wood (Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine or Cedar) and there are many styles to choose from. You can choose the right fit for your garden space or pool area. They can be delivered anywhere in the USA. 

The bridges have approximately a 10% incline on the bridge floor. They are harmless to pets & plants. Bridges over 20′ in length will have a laminated beam. Weight limit on the regular or wide bridges is 1,000 lbs., the weight limit on narrow bridges is 500 lbs. Bridges can be customized to hold more weight. The lumber is double kiln dried. Custom bridges are available, built to your specifications.

To See Our Selection of Bridges Click Here.





The Madison Vinyl Bridge

This classic style foot bridge is the Madison. It has a 29 inches high railing and is 32 inches wide between the rails. The width on any of the bridges can be customized in 1 foot increments, so that it will be ideal for your space. The Madison style is only offered in vinyl.

Bridge Shown is 14 Foot Long





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Cover Picture

FAQ: What is the difference between wood & vinyl playground structures?

During their search for play ground structures customers often ask us the the difference between vinyl and wood. Each has a huge amount of options which allows you to create the set of your child’s dreams. A lot of the time it comes down to price and maintenance of the structures. Any of the play sets we offer can last a lifetime. Here we try to make the decision easier with our FAQ: What is the difference between wood & vinyl playground structures?

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main sketchFrequently Asked Question: What is the right size gazebo for me?

Gazebos are a very popular way to add class and elegance to an outdoor area. They are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while providing shade. Add adirondack chairs, a table, or a bench and create the ultimate lounging experience. Businesses often use gazebos for a space their employees can eat lunch, hold meetings, or even as a smoking space. With so many sizes and style options it can be hard to choose what gazebo would be a perfect fit.  Here we will answer the Frequently Asked Question: What is the right size gazebo for me?

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white river spotlight

Building Spotlight

12’x26′ White River Garage w/ 10′ Enclosed Lean-To

The White River garage is a wonderful building for someone who may be limited on space, and would like to make the most of it. These buildings have a hinged roof system, allowing you to have a loft without loosing out on the headroom downstairs. The lean-to is a great option to add a lot more space with not a huge price increase. This is a very traditional New England looking building with its steep 12 pitch roof. The white pine board & batten siding gives the building a classy barn like appearance. Our building spotlight is a 12’x26′ White River Garage w/ 10′ Enclosed Lean-To.

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Heading Image

Building Factoid: Roof Styles

There are many things to consider when choosing a roof line for a building. If you are looking for your structure to be symmetrical on the gable end you could go with an A-frame, Cape, Gambrel, Monitor, or Hip roof. If you would like to be able to place your doors on the soffit side of a building you may choose a Quaker style. Another aspect to think about in a cold climate is snow fall. Certain roof lines shed snow more easily than others. All of our buildings come standard with architectural shingles, you can always upgrade to a metal roof. Each of our vendors have their own version of each base style roof line.  Let us help you decide with our building factoid: roof styles.


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36'x72' High Country Horse Barn

Building Spotlight

36’x72′ High Country Horse Barn

People are starting to look into multi purpose buildings combining living space with barns or garages, saving space and money. Our building spotlight is a beautiful 36’x72′ high country horse barn with a 36’x36′ Apartment in the loft area. People love the convenience of this type of building, having the apartment above is a wonderful option.



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Top 4 Effortless Siding Types

No maintanence siding cartoon

 Envious neighbor wishes he had bought an effortless shed.

If you are looking for a type of siding that has a lot less upkeep than natural wood, manufactured siding is a wonderful option. It is made to look like natural wood without having to paint or stain it as often, if at all. Take a look at the top 4 effortless siding types the The Carriage Shed offers.

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Top 5 Natural Wood Siding Types


siding cartoon 

If you are trying for a classic look on your building natural wood siding is a wonderful way to go. Certain types of wood can be easier to maintain, staining or painting helps to protect the wood. Other types of wood can just gray and will look fabulous for years to come. Here is a list of the top 5 natural wood siding types that The Carriage Shed offers.