• Moose Weathervane

  • Biplane Weathervane

  • Sailboat Weathervane

  • Duck Landing Weathervane

  • Horse Weatehrvance


 Are you thinking about adding a touch of grace to your building?  The Carriage Shed offers a large assortment of weathervanes to choose from.  Our weathervanes are made from 100% pure copper with solid brass and copper components.  They are made to last, aging gracefully with a rich patina over time.  The Carriage Shed weathervanes come with a sturdy stainless steel and brass assembly rod making them a rust and maintenance-free product that will outlast other weathervanes.

 Estate Series Weathervanes


Copper Weathervane - Three Geese Copper Weathervane - Rooster  Copper Weathervane - Stork  Copper Weathervane - Eagle  Copper Weathervane - Horse  Copper Weathervane - Sailboat 
 3 Geese in Flight  Barn Rooster  Blue Heron  Eagle Horse   Large Sailboat
524P 616P/616V1 654P 0956P/0956V1 958P/958V1 9907P/9907V1

 Garden Series Weathervanes


Weathervane - Martini Weathervane barns33  Copper Weathervane - Witch  Copper Weathervane - Elk   Copper Weathervane - Fish Copper Weathervane - Motorcycle 
 Martini Rifle with Scope   Witch Elk   Bass with Lure  Motorcycle
 8861PG  8859PR  8849PG 8848PR  8847PG/8847V1G   8846PG
 Copper Weathervane - Flying Duck  Copper Weathervane - Wine Bottle  Copper Weathervane - Victorian Arrow Weathervane  Weathervane - Flying Pig Weathervane  Weathervane - Flying Pig Weathervane  Weathervane - Eagle Weathervane
 Flying Duck  Wine Bottle  Victorian Arrow Blue Verde Flying Pig  Flying Pig  Eagle 
 8844PG/8844V1G 8843PG  8842PG  810V1G  810PG  8815PR 
 Weathervane - Biplane Weathervane  Weathervane - Hummingbird Weathervane  Weathervane - Blue Heron Weathervane  Weathervane - Blue Heron Weathervane  Weathervane - Verde Sailboat Weathervane  Weathervane - Sailboat Weathervane
 Biplane Hummingbird  Blue Verde Blue Heron  Blue Heron  Blue Verde Sailboat Sailboat 
 8812PG 8807PG  8805V1G  8805PG  8803V1G  8803PG 
 Weathervane - Whimsical Pig Weathervane  Weathervane - American Flag Weathervane  Weathervane - Angel Weathervane  Weathervane - Golfer Weathervane  Weathervane - Labrador Retriever Weathervane  Weathervane - Labrador Retreiver Weathervane
 Whimsical Pig American Flag  Angel  Golfer  Labrador Retriever Labrador Retriever 
8800PG/8800V1G  836G  819PG  816PG  810V1G  810PR 
Weathervane - Blue Verde Rabbit Weathervane Weathervane - Landing Duck Weathervane  Weathervane - Blue Verde Rooster Weathervane Weathervane - Rooster Weathervan Weathervane - Blue Verde Horse Weathervane Weathervane - Horse Weathervane
 Blue Verde Rabbit  Landing Duck Blue Verde Rooster   Rooster Blue Verde Horse  Horse 
 809V1G 804PG/804V1G  802V1G  802PG  801V1G  801PG 


   Standard Size Weathervanes


Weathervane - Accesories for Weathervane Weathervane - Soaring Hawk Weathervane   Weathervane - Feathered Goose Weathervane Weathervane - 28" Whale Weathervane   Weathervane - Victorian Arrow Weathervane Weathervane - Pineapple Weathervane 
All Weathervanes Include  Soaring Hawk Feathered Goose  28″  Whale  Victorian Arrow  Pineapple 
  Assembly Rod, Directional Set & Spacer Balls  9699P/9699V1G  9663P/9663V1 9660P/9660V1   9642P/9642V1  9635P/9635V1
 Weathervane - Handsaw Weathervane  Weathervane - Banner Weathervane  Weathervane - Peace Dove Weathervane  Weathervane - Blue Verde Flying Duck Weathervane  Weathervane - Flying Duck Weathervane  Weathervane - Flying Pig Weathervane
Handsaw  Banner  Peace Dove  Flying Duck  Flying Duck  Flying Pig 
 9629P  9628P/9628V1  9617P  9613V1  9613P  9612P/9612V1
 Weathervane - Blue Verde Blue Heron Weathervane  Weathervane - Blue Heron Weathervane Weathervane - Blue Verde Blue Heron Weathervane   Weathervane - Landing Duck Weathervane Weathervane - Bass w/ Lure Weathervane  Weathervane - Schooner Weathervane 
 Blue Heron Blue Heron  Landing Duck  Landing Duck  Bass With Lure  Schooner 
 9606V1  9606P  9605V1  9605P  9602P/9602V1  9601P/9601V1
 Weathervane - Rifle w/ Scope Weathervane  Weathervane - Blue Verde Eagle  Weathervane - Eagle Weathervane  Weathervane - Moose Weathervane  Weathervane - Arrow Weathervane Weathervane - Rooster Weathervane 
 Rifle with Scope  Eagle Eagle  Moose  Arrow   Rooster
 959P  0956V1  0956V1  9557P  0954P/0954V1  0953P/0953V1
Weathervan - Horse Weathervane Weathervane - Biplane Weathervane Weathervane - Pelican Weathervane Weathervane - Blue Verde Dolphin Weathervane Weathervane - Wine Bottle & Glasses Weathervane Weathervane - Hummingbird w/ Flowers Weathervane 
 Horse Biplane  Pelican  Dolphin  Wine Bottle and Glasses  Hummingbird with Flowers 
 0952P/0952V1  9521P/9521V1  9509P/9509V1  9507P/9507V1 917P   913P
Weathervane - Mother Bird w/ Chicks Weathervane  barns33  Weathervane - Racing Sloop Weathervane Weathervane - Bear Weathervane   Weathervane - Chopper Weathervane Weathervane - Vintage Shotgun Weathervane 
 Mother Bird with Chicks   Racing Sloop  Bear  Chopper  Vintage Shotgun 
 912P    909P  695P  694P  693P
 Weathervane - Stained Glass Moon Weathervane  Weathervane - Motorcycle Weathervane  Weathervane - American Flag Weathervane Weathervane - Attack Eagle Weathervane   Weathervane - Three Geese in Flight Weathervane Weathervane - Fox Weathervane 
 Stained Glass Moon Motorcycle  American Flag  Attack Eagle  3 Geese in Flight  Fox 
678P   669P  667P  659P  657P/657V1  655P
Weathervane - Pheasant Weathervane Weathervane - Mermaid Weathervane Weathervane - Elk Weathervane Weathervane - Golden Retriever Weathervane Weathervane - Standing Deer Weathervane Weathervane - Crowing Rooster Weathervane
 Pheasant  Mermaid Elk  Golden Retriever   Standing Deer Crowing Rooster 
 656P  649P/649V1  648P  644P  638P  637P/637V1
Weathervane - Angel Weathervane Weathervane - Pine Trees Weathervane Weathervane - Lighthouse Weathervane Weathervane - Patchen Horse Weathervane Weathervane - Arrow Weathervane Weathervane - Whimsical Pig Weathervane
Angel  Pine Trees  Lighthouse  Patchen Horse  Arrow   Whimsical Pig
 630P/630V1  625V1  624P/624V1  623P/623V1  611P/611SV1  9608P/9608V1
 Weathervane - Blue Verde Horse Weathervane  Weathervane - Horse Weathervane  Weathervane - Golfer Weathervane Weathervane - Labrador Retriever Weathervane   Weathervane - Locomotive Weathervane  Weathervane - Country Doctor Weathervane
 Horse Horse  Golfer  Labrador Retriever  Locomotive  Country Doctor 
 580V1  580P  561P 560P   553P  548P
  Weathervane - Fireman Weathervane   Weathervane - 37" Whale Weathervane Weathervane - Blue Verde 27" Rooster Weathervane  Weathervane - 27" Rooster Weathervane   
   Fireman 37″ Whale  27″ Rooster  27″ Rooster   
   546P  9660P/9660V1  515V1  515P