Animal Houses

  • 8x16 Chicken Tractor

  • 8x12 Dog Kennel

  • 4x6 Slant Roof Chicken Coop

  • 3x4 Quaker Chicken coop Portable

  • 6x8 A-Frame Chicken Coop w Run

Amish Crafted Animal Houses

Do you need a cozy home for your chickens, dogs or rabbits?  The Carriage Shed can help you with all of your animal needs.  Ranging in sizes and styles, we have a number of different designs to make any animal happy.  You can have us quote a chicken palace that includes an automatic chicken door, solar panels, electricity, glassboard (for easy cleaning), insulated, roosts, nests, drop vents, and the possibilities go on and on, same for your dogs and rabbits.  If you do not see an option that you would like do not hesitate to ask.  We can get it quoted for you.  All of our animal houses are Amish crafted with #1 Select Material. Contact The Carriage Shed to learn all of the possibilities for your new animal house.

A-Frame Chicken Coops   Quaker Chicken Coops
Dutch Chicken Coops   Chicken Tractor Coops
Board & Batten Chicken Coops   Dog Kennels


A-Frame Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop  Chicken Coop  Chicken Coop
(CA23PC) 2×3 A-Frame Chicken Coop (CA23) 2×3 A-Frame Chicken Coop (CA23PC) 2×3 A-Frame Chicken Coop 
Shown W/ Wheels, Cage & Screen Door  2-3 Chickens Shown W/ Wheels, Cage & Screen Door 
 2-3 Chickens     2-3 Chickens

A-Frame Chicken Coops w/ Run

 barns21  barns22 barns23
 (CR46) 4×6 Chicken Coop w/ Run  (CR46) 4×6 Chicken Coop w/ Run  (CR68) 6×8 Chicken Coop w/ Run
Attached Chain for Moving Attached Chain for Moving, Optional Metal Roof Attached Chain for Moving
4-5 Chickens 4-5 Chickens 7-8 Chickens

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Quaker Chicken Coops

barns11 barns10 barns15 barns17
(CQ34) 3×4 Quaker Chicken Coop   (CQ34) 3×4 Quaker Chicken Coop  (CQ46) 4×6 Quaker Chicken Coop  (CQ58) Quaker Coop
4-6 Chickens  Rear View  Metal Roof Option, Board & Batten  12-16 Chickens 
    Painted Nesting Lid, X on Door   
barns19 barns13 barns18 barns16
(CQ610) Quaker Coop (CQ46) Quaker Coop (CQ58) Quaker Coop (CQ58) 5×8 Quaker Coop
Board & Batten w/ 6 ft Cage & Enclosed Under Coop w/ Optional 7×8 Metal Cage w/ Optional 8′ Cage
28-30 Chickens 6-8 Chickens 15-16 Chickens 15-16 Chickens
barns12 barns14
 (CQ34PC) 3×4 Quaker Chicken Coop  (CQ46) 4×6 Quaker Chicken Coop
Wheelbarrow Style w/ Optional Wheels
4-6 Chickens 10-12 Chickens

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 Dutch Chicken Coops

barns30 barns31  barns33 barns32
 (DCS46) 4×6 Dutch Coop  (DCS58) 5×8 Dutch Coop (DCS66) 6×6 Dutch Coop   (DCS66) Rear View
10-12 Chickens 12-16 Chickens 12-14 Chickens 12-14 Chickens

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 Chicken Tractor Coops

barns24 barns25
(CT612) 6×12 Chicken Tractor (CT816) 8×16 Chicken Tractor
50-75 Chickens 100-120 Chickens

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 Dog Kennels

Dog Kennel - Double Dog Kennel - 6 x 10 Dog Kennel - Single Dog Kennel - 8 x 10 Dog Kennel - Double Dog Kennel - 8 x 10 Dog Kennel - Double Dog Kennel - 8 x 12
 (MC610) 6×10 Double Kennel (DC810) 8×10 Single Kennel  (MC810) 8×10 Double Kennel  (DC812) 8×12 Double Kennel 

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