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When looking for a home there are always a few things that you want to keep in mind. The Carriage Shed offers seven different Certified Modular Home styles in a variety of sizes, and floor plans that can be customized to meet your needs. There are so many choices that it can be difficult to narrow them down to figure out what would be the perfect match for you. Here are a few things to think about to help you decide on the perfect Certified Modular Home for you.

Style – The design, or appearance of a home is very important in deciding which home would be best for you. There are a couple of elements that determine the various styles. The Carriage Shed offers seven different certified modular home styles, Chalet, Frontier, Mountaineer, Mountaineer Deluxe, Musketeer, Pioneer and Settler. All seven different styles come with their own porch variation. You might like the tucked in porch of the Frontier, the a-frame porch coming off the Pioneer, or the cathedral ceiling of the Settler. To see the different styles & descriptions Click Here.

Size & Floor Layout – Coming up with the perfect floor plan can be difficult. Usually the process starts with the number of Bedrooms and bathrooms that are needed. Being in a part of the world that has four seasons (Five Counting Mud Season) you should think about solar exposure and which way the house should be facing to make it more efficient during those colder or warmer months. We can’t forget about view either, you want to make sure that you are sitting in the perfect spot to enjoy it. To see the different floor plans we offer Click Here.

Ranch or Two Story – Families oftentimes prefer a two story home, because of the space is provides. You can create more living space by putting it on a full foundation, which can also be the most economical way to add square footage to a home. We offer three two story designs, Mountaineer, Mountaineer Deluxe & Chalet. People are often interested in a ranch to down size and or they don’t want to navigate stairs as they get older.

Foundation – The minimum you would want is a crawl space frost wall (This way you have access to service your plumbing). Most homes go on full foundations, because it’s the least expensive square footage. A walk out basement is the most desirable if your property allows. If it is a level site or only slightly sloping then this won’t work. A full basement could also provide a garage if you did not want to convert it to living space.

Budgetary Limits – The biggest factor when buying a home is budget. You want to make sure that you can afford your home so that you can enjoy it without having the stress of an expensive mortgage. Here are the different styles in order from most economical to most extravagant the seven styles are, Settler, Frontier, Pioneer, Musketeer, Mountaineer, Chalet and Mountaineer Deluxe. Different extras can add a lot of cost to a home as well. We can work up a quote for you and try to come up with solutions to fit your budget.