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Top Ten Most Popular Play Structures

Spring is coming and it is getting to be that time when people are starting to research play structures. The Carriage Shed offers many different playground systems in vinyl or wood. Most of the systems we have can be customized so that it fits into your space perfectly. Find the play set that is right for you child. We have units that are ideal for all age groups. Need a play system that would work for multiple children? The Carriage Shed offers many different sized structures.  Take a look at the Top Ten Most Popular Play Structures that we offer!







– Wooden Boat

Medium Boat


This Wooden Play Structures boat is perfect for your little pirate to set sail in. Very popular for grandparents who would like to entice their grandchildren to come visit more often. There are many options for this vessel such as a tube slide, rock wall, cargo net, ships wheel, and the list goes on. There is also the option of putting a clear wood finish to help protect the wood from the elements.





 – E-81 – Starburst

full-image.php e81The E-81 aka Starburst is one of our Star Quality Swings vinyl playground systems. This style is very popular because of the shape and the amount of options that it has. The tire swing is a huge hit with the kids. This can be used for smaller spaces as well, without having to give up any of the fun options. This unit has a great flared leg shape giving the rock wall and other climbing pieces a nice slope.





– Summit


The Summit is one our most popular Eagle Playground Equipment wooden play unit. This is a wonderful set for multiple children, with a large 6’x6′ upper deck kids won’t have to squish themselves into the space. There is also plenty of space underneath to get the tire swing going full speed!







 – Tractor & Wagon

Farmall TractorDoes your little farmer want a tractor & wagon all their own? This is a wonerful Wooden Play Structures play set for them to let their imagination go wild. This would be a perfect addition to a farm stand, an orchard, or even a backyard. This set up is great for multiple children. These pieces can also be split up so you can purchase just the tractor or just the wagon.









 – Conestoga

Conestoga Trading Post_595The Conestoga is another Eagle Playground Equipment unit that is a very popular play set due to its combination of swing set and play house. Kids imaginations will go wild with endless hours of entertainment. Set up a lemonade stand downstairs or pretend you’re steering your ship home upstairs. The upper portion has a roof over half, leaving the rest of the deck exposed.







– E-26 – Star Cluster

e26The E-26 or Star Cluster by Star Quality Swings is a wonderful play structure. Offering shade from those sunny summer days with the canopy roof. Your little child can work on their climbing skills swinging across the monkey bars. There is also the area down stairs that you can turn into a fun sandbox. This set is an excellent options for small kids that can grow into the other options on this set.





– 6 Piece Train Set

6 Piece TrainThis Wooden Play Structures train set is fantastic for younger children. Let their imaginations take hold as they head out west with all their friends. This play system has plenty of room for multiple kids so that everyone can pile in and head out on an adventure. This could be a very cute addition to your backyard or at a preschool.

– A-Frame

A-Frame-4a_595The A-Frame play unit is the perfect Eagle Playground Equipment if you are looking for a smaller set for your children. There are many different options for this set, add a canopy or have it open on the top. Add a plastic glider or maybe a trapeze. Wonderful for a smaller backyard, allowing you to make the most of the space you have.






– E-29 -Shooting Star Climber

full-image.phpCustomers are in love with this Star Quality Swings set not only for the array of options but for the durable pyramid roof that is on it. It allows plenty of headroom up top while protecting from the sun or rain. Let the kids enhance their climbing skills on the colorful rocks that make up the climbing wall. With it’s 5′ deck height there is a lot of room downstairs to play underneath this set, or even put in a sandbox for little ones.




– Cliff Climb

Cliff Climb-7b_595Another wonderful  Eagle Playground Equipment set with a huge amount of layout possibilities. These sets are great for a smaller yard or by adding onto the base unit they can be for a larger group of kids. The kids love the tire swing below and the covered upper deck that can be protected by a canvas or wood canopy.







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