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Garden Bridges

Putting in a garden bridge is a wonderful way to not only add functionality to your space but also add elegance and class. Our bridges are Amish made in Lancaster County, PA and are made with #1 Grade Materials. They can come in either vinyl or wood (Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine or Cedar) and there are many styles to choose from. You can choose the right fit for your garden space or pool area. They can be delivered anywhere in the USA. 

The bridges have approximately a 10% incline on the bridge floor. They are harmless to pets & plants. Bridges over 20′ in length will have a laminated beam. Weight limit on the regular or wide bridges is 1,000 lbs., the weight limit on narrow bridges is 500 lbs. Bridges can be customized to hold more weight. The lumber is double kiln dried. Custom bridges are available, built to your specifications.

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The Madison Vinyl Bridge

This classic style foot bridge is the Madison. It has a 29 inches high railing and is 32 inches wide between the rails. The width on any of the bridges can be customized in 1 foot increments, so that it will be ideal for your space. The Madison style is only offered in vinyl.

Bridge Shown is 14 Foot Long







The Japanese Wood Bridge

A wonderful design that is a simple and elegant style. This is a very popular style that can blend into the space and not take away from it. It has a 10 inches high railing, making it more decorative that the No Rail Bridge. The Japanese style is offered in wood or vinyl.

Bridge Shown is 16 Foot Long



The Victorian Wood Bridge

The Victorian style bridge is one the most popular bridges. This is bridge is shown in a wider than the 32 inches between railings standard size. This is another very classic style bridge with its simple spindle look. The Victorian is offered in Wood or Vinyl.

Bridge Shown is 14 Foot Long





Standard No Rail Wood Bridge

A wonderful way to add a walking bridge without drawing attention. The simplest and one of the most popular styles we offer. The standard no rail is offered in wood or vinyl.

Bridge Shown is 10 Foot Long








Wooden Rail Bridge

This is the perfect bridge if you would like a bridge with a rail but would like a simpler design. The rail bridge has a wooden fence feel to it, making it the perfect bridge in a country location. The rail bridges are only offered in wood.

Bridge Shown is 14 Foot Long






Victorian Vinyl Bridge

The Victorian bridge in vinyl gives that little bit of pizzazz to your space. Bridges over 20 foot in length will have a laminated beam. The Victorian bridge is offered in wood or vinyl.

Bridge Shown is 22 Foot Long





A little bit about the builder:

The Smucker family has been building bridges since 1988. Dave Smucker is now running the business his Father Amos & Brother started. Dave lives on a farm in New Holland, PA with his wife Marian and their 4 children. The quality and attention to detail that Dave puts into his product is unlike any other. His main concern is the customer and he is always trying to go above and beyond. With only a couple employees this small family run business never disappoints.


"We wish to express our thanks for a top quality 16 foot bridge at our home. It is solid, quality materials, of excellent workmanship. Pride in workmanship and service like this is rare today."

-Charles Hall