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  • Tabor Hill Outdoor Furniture

  • Tabor Hill Outdoor Furniture

  • Tabor Hill Outdoor Furniture

  • Tabor Hill Outdoor Furniture

  • Tabor Hill Outdoor Furniture

 Tabor Hill Outdoor Furniture

Are you looking for high quality outdoor furniture that is unique and superbly made?  Look no further than The Carriage Sheds Amish made Poly and Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine furniture.  We have hunted high and low for the best quality poly furniture that we could find.  Tabor Hill fit our bill.  It is elegantly crafted with an indoor feel.  However, it is designed and built for the outdoors.

There is a a large assortment of poly colors and styles to choose from. This is the place for maintenance free outdoor poly furniture.

Not only does The Carriage Shed carry Tabor Hills, poly furniture, they also offer pressure treated southern yellow pine.  We have a large assortment of styles and stain colors which makes choosing your new outdoor furniture a snap.


 Poly Lumber Furniture

Dining Chairs

barns18 barns17 barns5  barns4
 Ladderback Chair Ladderback Chair w/ Arms  Fanback Chair   Fanback Chair w/ Arms 
 Item Number: 2100 Item Number: 2103  Item Number: 2200  Item Number: 2203 
barns20  barns19  barns3  barns2
Sunnyside Chair  Sunnyside Chair w/ Arms  Conestoga Chair   Conestoga Chair w/ Arms 
 Item Number: 2300 Item Number: 2303 Item Number: 2400  Item Number: 2403 

 Dining Sets

barns4 barns3 barns2
 6′ Rectangle Dining Table w/ Fan Back Chairs  6′ Oval Dining Table w/ Sunnyside Chairs  44″ Square Dining Table w/ Sunnyside Chairs
 Item Numbers: 621-6, 5203  Item Numbers: 616-6, 5303 Item Numbers: 620, 5303 
barns5 barns1
 48″ Round Dining Table w/ Fan Back Chairs  44″ Square Dining Table w/ Dining Bench
 Item Numbers: 655, 5203  Item Numbers: 620, 630-40, 2303

 Patio Sets

barns2 barns1 barns3
6′ Oval Patio Table   33″ Square Patio Table  6′ Oval Patio Table
 Item Numbers: 666-6, 4200, 4000  Item Numbers: 669, 4300, 4000 Item Number: 666-6, 4200 
barns7 barns5
48″ Round Patio Table  33″ Square Patio Table 
 Item Numbers: 665, 4303  Item Numbers: 669, 4200

Balcony Sets

barns2 barns1
 44″ Square Balcony Table w/Sunnyside Chairs  48″ Round Balcony Table w/ Fanback Chairs
 Item Numbers: 660, 5303  Item Numbers: 655, 5203

 Garden Benches

barns1 barns2 barns5 barns3
 3′ Horizon Bench 4′ Sunnycrest Bench Sunnycrest Chair  Horizon Rocker 
 Item Number: 1609 Item Number: 1711  Item Number: 1703  Item Number: 1606 
barns7 barns4 barns6
 Side Table 4′ Sunnycrest Bench   Coffee Table
 Item Number: 710 Item Number: 1711  Item Number: 711-3 

Poly Adirondack Chairs

barns1 barns2  barns3 barns4  barns5
 Adirondack Chair w/Ottoman  Folding Adirondack Chair  Ottoman  Folded Adirondack Chair  Adirondack Chair
 Item Number: 700,702 Item Number: 701   Item Number: 702 Item Number: 701  Item Number: 700 

 Poly Color Choices

barns21 barns20  barns19  barns18  barns17 barns16 barns14
 Weatherwood  Turf Green  Tudor Brown  Tropical Green  Tangerine Sky Blue  Patriot Blue 
 barns10  barns12 barns9  barns8  barns7 barns6 barns4
 Dove Gray  Lemon Yellow  Dark Gray  Cherry Wood Bright White  Bright Red   Bright Cedar
barns3 barns2 barns1
 Blue  Black  Aruba Blue

* Note: Colors may vary from samples & photos