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 Amish Crafted Gazebos

Can you imagine yourself relaxing in a brand new gazebo.  Out of the sun and away from pesky mosquitos and black flies.  The Carriage Shed has a wide assortment of styles, sizes and material options.  Have your gazebo blend into the woods with a pressure treated southern yellow pine or cedar gazebo.  You really want to be able to relax and not have to worry about upkeep.  Look no further then The Carriage Shed vinyl clad gazebos, which will enhance any yard. 

 All of our gazebos are Amish made with #1 Select Material.  You are also able to build a custom gazebo.  Do you need a special size, a unique paint color, or different roofing material to match your house, we can meet all of your needs.  Contact us today about your dream gazebo and make it a reality.


 Amish Crafted Wood Gazebos


Gazebo - Wood Octagon Standard Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Octagon Standard Gazebo w/ Screen Package   Gazebo - Wood Octagon Classic Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Octagon Superior Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Octagon Deluxe Gazebo
 No. 1 Octagon Standard    No. 1 Octagon Standard    No. 2 Octagon Classic    No. 3 Octagon Superior    No. 4 Octagon Deluxe
    w/ Screen Package       Shown w/ Superior Braces    
Gazebo - Wood Octagon Victorian Gazebo     Gazebo - Wood Octagon Elegant Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Octagon Royal Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Standard Oval Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Rectangle Gazebo
 No. 5 Octagon Victorian   No. 6 Octagon Elegant   No. 7 Octagon Royal   No. 8 Standard Oval   No. 9 Rectangle
 Gazebo - Wood Octagon Pagoda Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Superior Pagoda Gazebo    Gazebo - Wood Rectanlg Pagoda Gazebo   Gazebo - Wood Oval Pagoda Gazebo     Gazebo - Wood Standard Oval Pagoda Gazebo
 No. 10 Octagon Pagoda   No. 11 Superior Pagoda   No. 12 Rectangle Pagoda   No. 14 Oval Pagoda    No. 15 Standard Oval Pagoda
    Gazebo - Wood Oval Gazebo       Gazebo - Wood Ocatgon Heritage Gazebo    
    No. 16 Oval       No. 17 Octagon Heritage    


Standard Features for Wood Gazebos

#1 Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine
Cupola 2×6 Floor Joist Base w/ 5/4″ Decking
Corner Bracing Railing #1 Cedar Shake Roof


Amish Crafted Vinyl Gazebos



 Gazebo - Vinyl Octagon Standard Gazebo   Gazebo - Vinyl Octagon Classic Gazebo    Gazebo - Vinyl Octagon Victorian Gazebo     Gazebo - Vinyl Octagon Elegant Gazebo    
No. 1 Octagon Standard   No. 2 Octagon Classic   No. 5 Octagon Victorian   No. 6 Octagon Elegant    
     Clay Vinyl w/ Metal Roof            
Gazebo - Vinyl Standard Oval Gazebo   barns6   Gazebo - Vinyl Octagon Pagoda Gazebo   Gazebo - Vinyl Rectangle Pagoda Gazebo    
No. 8 Standard Oval    No. 9 Rectangle   No. 10 Octagon Pagoda    No. 12 Rectangle Pagoda    
Gazebo - Vinyl Oval Pagoda Gazebo   Gazebo - Vinyl Oval Pagoda Gazebo   Gazebo - Vinyl Oval Gazebo   Gazebo - Vinyl Oval Bell Roof Gazebo    
No. 14 Oval Pagoda   No. 15 Oval Pagoda   No. 16 Oval Gazebo   No. 16 Oval Bell Roof Gazebo    
Gazebo - Vinyl Dome Gazebo   Gazebo - Vinyl Enclosed Gazebo   Gazebo - Bell Pagoda Gazebo        
Dome Gazebo   Enclosed Vinyl Gazebo    Bell Pagoda Gazebo        



Standard Features for Vinyl Gazebos

#1 Southern Yellow Pine Clad w/ #1 Grade Vinyl Cupola 2×6 Floor Joist Base w/ 5/4″ Decking
Corner Bracing  Railing 5/4″ Underlay w/ Lifetime Architectural Shingles