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main sketchFrequently Asked Question: What is the right size gazebo for me?

Gazebos are a very popular way to add class and elegance to an outdoor area. They are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while providing shade. Add adirondack chairs, a table, or a bench and create the ultimate lounging experience. Businesses often use gazebos for a space their employees can eat lunch, hold meetings, or even as a smoking space. With so many sizes and style options it can be hard to choose what gazebo would be a perfect fit.  Here we will answer the Frequently Asked Question: What is the right size gazebo for me?


Staking out the area is a great way to really get a feel for the space. We suggest to drive stakes into the ground at each corner of where the gazebo will be and then add ribbon so you can see where the railings will be. Add a table, some chairs, a bench, anything you would want inside the gazebo. Then walk around, make sure you can get by everything and see how the space really works for you. If it is cramped you know that you should go to a bigger size, if it feels too big than you know to downsize.

Place stakes sketch  Place Furniture sketch walk around Sketch

There is no real formula to come up with how many people can fit inside a gazebo. If you are looking to put in a gazebo that has benches installed, 2 feet per person is usually a good place to start. If you are wondering how many standing people can fit into a gazebo comfortably, 3 square feet should be sufficient.