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FAQ: What is the difference between wood & vinyl playground structures?

During their search for play ground structures customers often ask us the the difference between vinyl and wood. Each has a huge amount of options which allows you to create the set of your child’s dreams. A lot of the time it comes down to price and maintenance of the structures. Any of the play sets we offer can last a lifetime. Here we try to make the decision easier with our FAQ: What is the difference between wood & vinyl playground structures?



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Vinyl playground structures are actually wood clad in vinyl, making these play sets very durable. Often people like the vinyl because there is little or no maintenance. The vinyl holds up extremely well in different climates, you will not have to worry about staining or painting these sets. Another thing that customers like is that their kids will not be getting any slivers. The vinyl sets can come in the classic white, tan or clay. These sets tend to be a bit more expensive than the wooden ones, but they are very easy to sell after a few years of use. When you kids grow up and no longer want to play on the structure you can let another family have years of fun.


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Wood playground structures are made with pressure treated (non-arsenic based) southern yellow pine. Wood is a wonderful option for those who are looking for a natural look. Southern yellow pine is harvested in the southern United States and is a renewable resource. Wood can be sanded if there is a scratch or slivers start to appear. If it is cared for properly these play sets will last a lifetime. If sealer/stain is applied the set should be resealed within 2 years, with whichever sealer the customer chooses. With the ability to paint or stain the play structures it lets you choose the color you would like the set to be. Make is stand out with a bright fun color, or have it blend in with the rest of the structures on your property.


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