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Chicken Coops – A Step Towards Self Sufficiency

The past few years have shown a noticeable increase in customers purchasing chicken coops. Why are there so many people wanting to raise chickens? The reasons vary from companionship, to people just wanting to know where their food is coming from. We do know that people want to make sure that they’re choosing the perfect coop for their chickens. At The Carriage Shed we have an array of different chicken coops in various shapes and sizes to fit your chicken needs. We offer custom options so that you’re chicken coop can stick out among the flock.

To see the different chicken coops The Carriage Shed offers Click Here.

Why Raise Chickens?

Companionship – Chickens can be a wonderful addition to any family. Not only are they cute but if you let them, their individual personalities will shine through. Letting chickens into your heart is an egg-cellent way to live.

Pest Control – Lyme disease has been out of control for a few years in the North East. If you are looking for a way to get rid of ticks and other bugs, chickens are wonderful for reducing the population. Let them strut and cluck around the yard and they will create a tick free environment.

Eggs – Most likely the number one reason to raise chickens is for their eggs. With genetic modifications, inhumanity, and pesticides, people are trying to find a better way to get their eggs. You can make sure that your chickens are happy and healthy, thus creating a healthy diet for your family.

Self Sufficiency – The past few months have taught us that the more self sufficient you are the easier facing a pandemic is. The more you grow and raise at home means the less you have to purchase. Supply and demand will not be a problem for a family that owns laying hens.

Standard Features: Our chicken coops come standard with durable T-111 siding, LP Smartrim, roosting bars, vent w/ lid, roofing paper, Techsield, architectural shingle roof & white glass board for easy cleaning.

Customization: The chicken coops The Carriage Shed Offers range from small to large, simple to extravagant. Like all of our buildings they can be modified to fit your needs and wants. Give us a call and we can work up a quote for you!

Customizable Options

Insulated Metal Roof, Wire Over Windows, Board & Batten Siding, Electrical Package, 4 Wheel base on certain sized coops, littler tray, Automatic Chicken Door, Clean out Lid, Extra Windows, etc.

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