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white river spotlight

Building Spotlight

12’x26′ White River Garage w/ 10′ Enclosed Lean-To

The White River garage is a wonderful building for someone who may be limited on space, and would like to make the most of it. These buildings have a hinged roof system, allowing you to have a loft without loosing out on the headroom downstairs. The lean-to is a great option to add a lot more space with not a huge price increase. This is a very traditional New England looking building with its steep 12 pitch roof. The white pine board & batten siding gives the building a classy barn like appearance. Our building spotlight is a 12’x26′ White River Garage w/ 10′ Enclosed Lean-To.

“The White River garages and sheds are all prebuilt with a hinged gable and roof, keeping the labor cost to a minimum. Plus their cute as a bug’s ear!” – Robert

There are many options that you can add to the White River garage. It is very easy to customize and make this building your own. Customers can change anything from the siding type, color, even the doors can be customized. If you are looking to add interest to the building you can always put a cupola on the roof, or paint the trim a different color.

Options Shown on 12’x26′ White River Garage w/ 10′ Enclosed Lean-To

– Collar Ties12'x26' White River Garage - Front Elevation

– 10′ Overhang Material Package

– (2) 10′ Overhang End Cap Panel – Enclose Front & Rear of Lean-To

– Prefab Walls – Enclose Side of Lean-To

– Move Main Building Wall to Enclose Side – All Open Between Main Building & Lean-To

– (1) 6x6x12 Pressure Treated Post

– (2) LVL Headers

– Garage Floor – 2×4 Floor Joist 12″ On Center w/ 3/4″ Subfloor

– Upgrade Double Doors w/ Transom12'x26' White River Garage

– No Service Door

– (1) 8’x7′ Roll Door w/ Track & Hardware

– (2) 24″x36″ Vinyl Shed Windows – Single Hung – Upgrade from Standard barn Sash Window

– Ice & Water Shield on Roof

– (2) Gable Vents

– Custom Stain


  • 12x26 white river garage2
  • 12x26 white river garage1
  • 12x26 white river garage3
  • 12x26 white river garage4
  • 12x26 white river garage6
  • 12x26 white river garage7
  • 12x26 white river garage8
  • 12x26 white river garage9

white river diagram 1 white river diagram 2 white river diagram 3 white river diagram 4

White River Hinged Roof